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Tools For Finding And Creating Illustrated Bible Verses

As a church communicator perhaps you've discovered, as many others have, that a powerful way to make a Bible verse and it's truth memorable is to in fact illustrate it. And now it's easy to find and even create illustrated Bible verses. In the online Bible study tool, Biblia, it will, when applicable show you illustrated depictions of the Bible verse you may have looked up and are studying, such as these examples below. (if you are viewing this in an email and the embedded verses don't display, click to view on the web)

If you want to create your own, there is the  YouVersion app which will allow you to create a verse image straight from the app and even enable you to easily share it with your friends.

Explore and try these options above. They will help you make these and many other verses of Scripture memorable and visually compelling for you and your audience.


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