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Can We Really Trust That This Common Productivity Hack Works?

“You can do two things at once, but you can't focus effectively on two things at once.”

“Juggling is an illusion. ... In reality, the balls are being independently caught and thrown in rapid succession. ... It is actually task switching.”

- Gary Keller - The One Thing

I just finished was Gary Keller's book called The One Thing - a must read book for any leader.  This book, as well as other experts and proven research have put to rest the myth that multi-tasking works - yet there are still too many people who are bragging that they do it, and believe that it actually helps them.

Before you pick up a copy of Keller's book, here are some key insights from the book
  • Extraordinary results are determined by how narrow you can make your focus
  • Do fewer things for more effect instead of doing more things with side effects
  • Small dominos can topple much larger dominos; stack them right
  • Success is built sequentially
  • The six lies between you and success: Everything matters equally, multitasking, a disciplined life, willpower is always on will-call, a balanced life, and big is bad
  • Multi-tasking is a lie
  • It takes 66 days to create a habit
  • Become a person of powerful habits
  • How we phrase questions we ask ourselves determines the answers that eventually become our life
  • Connecting purpose, priority, and productivity determines how high above the rest successful individuals and profitable businesses rise
  • Purpose without priority is powerless
  • Resting is as important as working
Below is an helpful infographic that doubles down on the futility of multi-tasking.

Here are three key points from the infographic below to help you stop multitasking and be more effective:
  • People don’t multitask, they switch tasks, which with the starting and stopping, make it 4x longer for your work and can have 40% more mental blocks. Therefore much work time is actually lost! 
  • The best way to be more effective is to reduce the attempts at multitasking. Decide what is most important and do it first. 
  • According to the infographic, when you have better prioritization, you can have lead status (insert here: time with congregants), more revenue (insert here: time for better tithing options) more conversion rates (insert here: time responding to emails and contacting community members).

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