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11 Signs That YOU May Be Following A Bad Leader

bad leader
The Ministry Best Practices Staff will be on vacation and will be entering a "tech-free" zone. Therefore for the week we are sharing some of the best of MBP. Some of the content has been repurposed and updated.

from Scott Williams:

Most of us have worked for leaders that are for all intents and purposes are not very good. I actually learned a lot in my early days of leadership from some really bad leaders. Not only were they bad leaders, they were oblivious to the negative affects of their poor leadership. There are many signs that a leader is not a good leader and I have identified 11 Signs below.

The reason I attribute these signs to not being a ”Good Leader” is because a leader has to at least reach the mantle of being a “Good Leader” before they can be a ”Great Leader” Here are 11 signs that the person you are following is not a good leader. Remember, if you are a leader, it is quite easily to replace the "They" with a "YOU"! 

1. They are not willing to fail.
2. They only talk and never listen.
3. They don’t develop and produce other leaders.
4. They micro-manage; that’s management not leadership.
5. They are insecure or threatened by someone that they lead.
6. They are not willing to follow and learn from those that they lead.
7. They are focused on pleasing people and what people think. Consumed with whether or not they look good to their superiors.
8. They don’t genuinely care about the people they lead and have difficulty getting people to follow.
9. They are willing to make the wrong decision, because of the fear of fall-out from making the right decision.
10. They only dream about being like so and so, instead of being the best they can be.
11. They don’t embrace the reality that the culture they create trumps all of the little vision talks and rah-rah cheers. Culture eats vision for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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