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You're Not Going To Believe This About Churches Online!

Just read in Christian Web Trends news that surprised me a bit.

Here is a quote from their post:
2012 Duke University National Congregations Study that showed a shocking low percentage of U.S. congregations. How low? 55.7% 
Granted, the study was conducted in 2012, so it’s 2-3 years old. However, considering the fact that the percentage of churches with websites only grew 11% in previous 5 years (from 44.3% in 2007), we can extrapolate that the current percentage isn’t likely to be more than 60-65%
Wow...those stats are incredible! Yet even though those statistics say that about 65% of churches have a web presence, it of course says nothing about the nature or condition of those websites. Are they current? Are they updated? Are they aesthetically appealing? 

There are a lot of ugly and broken websites out there! And truthfully I wonder if having an ugly, dated, and inactive website is any better than no website at all. (btw you don't have to settle for this...there are great website builders like Clover Sites and others that can give your church and ministry an attractive web presence.)

Don't forget your church and ministry website is your storefront. It will be, for many, the first thing they see or experience about your church before they even step through the front door on Sunday morning. Your church and ministry is creating a significant divide and disadvantage if you are not online.


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