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Why You Should Consider Shutting Down Your VoiceMail

from a recent Bloomberg post:
Forget about leaving a voice mail at Coca-Cola's Atlanta headquarters. Send a text instead. 
Office voice mail at the world’s largest soft-drink maker was shut down “to simplify the way we work and increase productivity,” according to an internal memo from Chief Information Officer Ed Steinike. The change went into effect this month, and a standard outgoing message now throws up an electronic stiff arm, telling callers to try later or use “an alternative method” to contact the person.
And it makes sense that companies would want to get rid of voicemail, because people are. In 2012, Vonage reported its year-over-year voicemail volumes dropped 8%. More revealing, the number of people bothering to retrieve those messages plummeted 14%. Very few people now want to take the time to listen through a 90 second voicemail. And those that do check it, do so mostly out of obligation, because it is still a communication bucket out there that needs to be checked and processed.

With so many ubiquitous and more productive methods - such as texting, email and instant message to communicate - voicemail seems to an anachronistic technology holdout like the fax.

As a leader, what do you do with voicemail? To you use and rely on it much? Would you ever consider dumping it?


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