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Want To Know What Most Interests Us? Google Knows

google search

In 2014, Americans looked to Google for information on Ebola, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the actor Robin Williams’s suicide—all of which ranked among the hottest search terms of that year.

Google has announced the results of its “14th Annual Year in Search,” an inventory of the year’s most-searched-for keywords and phrases. 

The inventory is set up by category so you can browse through the different areas and drill down to more specifics. For a pastor and ministry leader, there is an enormous amount of information here for articles, blog posts, sermons, and essays. Seeing what we (Americans) were curious and interested about will help to give you some perspective and a pulse of the audience you minister to.

Scientific American also posted some interesting insights as well as trending subjects that were searched on Google. 

(ht: Phil Cooke)


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