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Mobile Can No Longer Be An Afterthought!

iphone anxiety
If you ever had any doubt that our culture has grown highly dependent on our smartphones, then you'll need to read this:

excerpted from Digital Trends:
If you feel a dark, heavy cloud over your head preventing you from being a fully functional human being whenever you forget to take your smartphone with you, you’re not alone. In fact, there’s now a study that declares smartphone separation anxiety is a real affliction that has psychological and physiological effects. 
Researchers at the University of Missouri conducted a study observing what happens to iPhone users when they’re unable to answer their phones while they work on word search puzzles. Participants were told to sit at a computer in a lab and that the experiment was about testing a new wireless blood pressure cuff.
“Our findings suggest that iPhone separation can negatively impact performance on mental tasks,” said Russell Clayton, a doctoral candidate at the University of Missouri School of Journalism and lead author of the study. “Additionally, the results from our study suggest that iPhones are capable of becoming an extension of our selves such that when separated, we experience a lessening of ‘self’ and a negative physiological state.”
Putting aside the real psychological effects of being apart from our smartphones, this study reinforces yet another issue - that people are never too far from their phones. They are always with us and we are connecting through them. Which means that if you are not thinking and working toward reaching your church, constituents, community and culture through their phone then you are missing it.

More and more people in your church and ministry are connecting through their phones. They are reading news and information from their phone, giving through their phone, communicating through their phone and watching media through their phone. Every email you send, every website you create, every call to action you require must be seen through the lens of how it accomplish it through mobile. Mobile can no longer be an afterthought for you and your church and ministry!


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