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Imagine - If You Can - A World Without The Internet

Internet Broken
Well can you? It would be hard to do. We are so connected these days using the internet. We all depend on it so much. Through it, we connect, communicate, shop, work, travel, read, watch movies - we do so much through it.

On one hand it is sobering just how dependent (and addicted) we are. It would certainly be a shock to the system if the internet went away tomorrow. I think many people would probably fall into a deep depression!

But the stats below in the infographic also make another important point. If you are ignoring the online opportunities available then you are invisible - that's just a fact. And yet there are still many churches, and even ministries, doing very little online. Their internet presence is anemic and shallow, usually with very little time, attention and effort given to it. That trend needs to change - Today!

There just isn't any excuse anymore to ignore the incredible opportunities for a church/ministry to be actively online. Are you leveraging the online opportunities like you should? Here are some questions that I have for your organization that might help you explore that answer.

  • What would people find if they attempted to search for your church/ministry on Google?
  • Are you active and participating on social media networks like Facebook or Instagram? Do you have at least an active presence on 2 major social media sites?
  • Are you using and leveraging video to communicate to your constituents as well as for outreach?
  • Do you use visually appealing email marketing, such as the Mailchimp service, to communicate with your constituents within your church/ministry?
  • Is your organization set up for and actively promoting online giving?
  • As a ministry leader, are you blogging in order to create impact and influence with the people you lead?
  • Is your website design more than 3 years old?
(if you need any help moving your church, ministry or organization to the next level with your online presence, Ministry Best Practices can help and would love to talk to you more about it)

The World Without Internet


Our ministry sends out a weekly email each Thursday morning at 8:00 AM using MailChimp. We have found that email sent at this specific time yields the most opens and most clicks. We believe it is because the email is waiting in the email box at the beginning of the day and is close enough to Sunday to highlight activities that people can add to their busy schedule. We feel waiting until Friday or Saturday may be too late to get into their weekend calendar. Our open rate is approximately 35% and average click rate is about 7%.

Thursday is one of the biggest days for open rates...I think your plan is very wise...and using Mailchimp is wonderful. I wish more organizations and churches would use it...I can't tell you how many ugly and busy emails I have seen churches send out...also with the compulsion of sending out individual emails for every thing they want to announce. Eventually it gets spammy and no one will read them.

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