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How To Get You And Your Ministry Fully Funded

Join me February 16-17, for the Support Raising Solutions Bootcamp.

I have been raising support for ministry for over 23 years, 17 years of that with CRU and now with CMDA Atlanta. Over those years I've gotten a lot of great training and experience, yet I'm still in need of a major tune-up and to be re-fired again in this area. I need to never stop learning, be challenged and grow in this area - and I suspect the same is true for you too.

If you raise your support, or you have staff who raise their support - you need to be at this Bootcamp. If you have just started the process of support raising or if you have been doing it for years - you need to be at this Bootcamp.

You will not only get training on the mechanics of developing your support and ministry partners, but you will receive Biblically grounded perspective on why and how to raise support. These are some of the highlights of the Bootcamp:

One of my Board members and I are going to the Atlanta Bootcamp on Feb. 16-17- I'd encourage you to join me (or choose a date and city close to you). It will be worth the investment!


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