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How To Create The Perfect Blog Post

One of the key opportunities that pastors and ministry leaders have is blogging. Through blogging you can build influence and make an impact with the people you lead and shepherd. (I have listed some reasons why you should blog in an earlier post HERE) Yet I would hazard a guess that many pastors and ministry leaders don't use and leverage this strategic opportunity. I believe that is a mistake.

 Consider today to start blogging. You don't have to do it every day, but be consistent. Perhaps do it weekly just to start. You can use a simple and turn-key blogging platform, such as Wordpress, Medium or Blogger to get started. Be creative. Have fun and begin to build the discipline of writing - by which you can become a more influential leader through the written word.

And as you do begin this endeavor of blogging, see this infographic below on how to write and create a blog post that will make maximum impact and get read by others.

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