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A Simple Hack To Give You Success With Your Goals


Ok, we are a month into 2015, how are those new year goals going? Are you getting more fit? Are you more productive? Eating healthier? Spending more time with your family? Perhaps you are making some headway, but perhaps you have too many goals going at the same time.

The best way to tackle all that you want to do is to "chunk it up". Set your mind on a singular goal for a determined time - don't try to do it all - now.

Laura Vanderkam, author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think, proposes breaking down your year-long goals into 90-day chunks:
You may have lots of goals, and that’s a good thing. Giving yourself 90 days means you can focus on a few at a time, knowing that there’s another 90-day period coming up soon. Maybe during the first quarter you focus on launching a new product. Then in the second quarter you focus on finding a new and bigger space. At the end of six months, you’ll have the new product and the bigger space, whereas if you aimed to do both at once, you might get overwhelmed and figure out neither. 

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