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6 Simple Rules To Make Your Next Presentation Memorable

Giving a presentation in front of an audience is difficult enough, giving it accompanied with an awful powerpoint - well that makes your presentation simply deadly. Powerpoint is the most misunderstood, misapplied and misused presentation tool today. And even with all the books, blogs and videos that teach and instruct on how to use powerpoint well, many people still abuse it. Follow these 6 simple rules and your powerpoint presentation will go from "sucks" to "stellar".

  1. Include Only One Key Point per Slide - To many presentations crowd the slides with too much information.
  2. Pay Attention to the 3-Second Rule - According to graphic designer and presentation guru Nancy Duarte, you should look at each slide and ask: "Will the audience understand what I'm trying to communicate in 3 seconds?" If your honest answer is no, then whittle it down.
  3. Have a Bold Opening Slide to Grab the Audience's Interest Early And To Make a Wow Impression
  4. Make Sure You Pick an Easy-to-Read Font - This means that you should use nothing smaller than 24 pt.
  5. Create a Coherent and Consistent Look and Feel - Every slide should feel like it's part of the same story. Keep a consistent template and color scheme throughout.
  6. Use Images to Visualize and Explain - Images make content 55 percent more memorable than words therefore use them generously.


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