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Important Lessons Learned About Social Media In 2014

social media
Before we move ahead into 2015 using social media, lets look back into this past year. What has happened in the world of social media? Well a lot actually! See below the infographic that illustrates several of the key trends and stats that have come out of 2014.

But first let me add to these with my own observations of what I've learned.

One of the biggest lessons of 2014 and moving into the future is don't rely too heavily on just one social network. Remember social media networks are leased and rented, you don't own the space, therefore you have to play by their ever changing rules - see this article about the continuing frustration with Facebook. So don't put too much dependance on just one network - spread out your impact among other social media channels, and invest in leveraging email marketing. Emails are something you "own" not merely lease.

Social Media still relies heavily on content and conversation. You need to be having conversation within social media, simply just broadcasting and selling misuses and violates the ethos of social media. Also, good content needs to be behind all you do within social media. Make sure you are sharing long-form blog posts and articles, as well as engaging pictures and videos. Good content is king! Good and compelling content drives social media engagement.

Don't measure friends/followers, but rather engagement. Who cares how many people are following you on Twitter or liking your page on Facebook! The big question is, are people retweeting, liking, commenting and sharing your content - those are the keys to measuring success. We've seen too often how easily it is to gain fake followers. The real success of your social media presence is their engagement and participation.

Now, here below is the infographic demonstration some additional trends and lessons of what we've learned in social media in 2014:

social media infographic

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