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My Journey Away From Contemporary Worship Music

Contemporary Worship
Dan Michael Cogan has a good read on his blog about his journey toward more traditional hymns and away from contemporary music, "Hymns have begun to take precedent in my song selection".

excerpted from Daniel Michael Cogan:

I have been what many would call a “worship leader” for close to two decades. When I first became involved in “worship ministry” in an Assemblies of God youth group we sang such songs as The Name of the Lord Is a Strong Tower, As the Deer, Lord I Lift Your Name on High, and others of the era of the 1980s and 90s. Ours was considered a stylistically progressive church since we used almost exclusively contemporary songs.

First, hymns have been sung by the giants of the faith who have gone on before us over the last two millennia.

Second, the content of hymns is almost always vastly more theologically rich. When I say rich, I don’t necessarily mean every hymn recounts the Gospel in it’s entirety, or that all hymns clearly teach the Five Points of Calvinism. Rather, the theology in the hymns is typically more sound or healthy than much of contemporary worship music.

What are your thoughts? Do you and your church pursue more contemporary music selections at the expense of neglecting hymns and more traditional music? When church music for your worship services, does your church focus more on the style of music rather than the substance of the words being sung?

Love to hear your thoughts on Dan Michael Cogan's piece.


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