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5 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Improve A Guest Experience

Often times there is content within Ministry Best Practices that is worth repeating, today we would like to re-share with you a post that reminds you to always be preparing and to be on alert for "company" coming on Sunday mornings. Guests will be visiting and coming to your church, yet are you ready, alert and prepared for them?

from the Ministry Best Practices archives

Don't allow your church website to become out-of-date and be hard to navigate. Make sure important facts such as service times/location & directions/what to expect are clear and easy to find.

Make sure you have enough parking lot volunteers to show people where to park and where to enter the church. It is often said that the "sermon" starts in the parking lot - and it is true that the first impression and assistance given in the parking lot will help set the tone for the visitor's experience.

Have adequate exterior signage that identifies buildings and points a visitor in the right direction. It is ok to make your church look like the bat cave...can't have enough signage.

Make sure your indoor signage is clear and not confusing in which it uses ministry names that a visitor won't understand. Avoid jargon and clever ministry names without explaining what they are/who they are for. For example, don't just post signs for "Discovery Cove" without posting more info about what age group that ministry is for.

Smile, Say Hello & Talk to Visitors! This is everyone's responsibility - not just staff and certain volunteers.

And a Bonus!

Make sure you have clear, concise and compelling information about the church to give to visitors before they leave. Make a point to put that info in their hands. But don't make the mistake by feeling compelled to give them every piece of information about every program about every facet of the church. Keep it simple! Just give them enough information to tell them who you are, what you believe, about your mission, and to point them toward the direction of what's next in their journey to become a part of your community.


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