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4 Statements That Can Break Open Spiritual Conversations

Spiritual Conversation

excerpted from Gilbert Kingsley:

These are four simple questions/statements that will naturally engage people within your sphere of relationships in spiritual conversations. 


Something as simple as asking a “Sometime” question helps you find out their level of interest and takes the pressure off in the moment.

Questions like
  • “Sometime could I share with you the difference Jesus Christ has made in my life?” 
  • “I would enjoy hearing more about your spiritual journey sometime....would that be possible?” 
make having spiritual conversations more natural.

“I wonder”.

This comes from God Space by Doug Pollock. It recognizes the power of good questions and gives you a place to start a conversation.

“I wonder” is a way to find out what others are interested in and can invite them to search for answers. Some “I wonder” statements include.
  • “That’s interesting. I wonder how you came to that perspective.” 
  • “I wonder what role religion has played in shaping your life.”
“I wonder.” opens up dialogue. It communicates respect and can lead others to self-discovery. You could be helping them wrestle with contradictions within their own belief systems.

Jesus often led with questions. In fact, at times he answered a question with His own question. When you ask good wondering questions you demonstrate that you are listening thoughtfully. Such questions come from a desire to better understand the person.

Open-ended questions are best. They promote further dialogue and have the potential to cause others to reflect, possibly leading to their own questioning.


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