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The Definitive Guide To Doing Ministry Over The Phone

Talking On The Phone
Certainly a lot of ministry is done in-person and life on life. Yet still a lot of ministry is done over the phone. For instance you probably find yourself one the phone for these and other reasons:
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Getting and securing appointments
  • Certain types of counseling/prayer and advice
  • Raising funds and financial ministry support
  • Coaching team members
  • Following up on new visitors to the church 
Therefore when you are on the phone, there are certain best practices that will help make that conversation more successful.

Although this infographic focuses on the exercise of selling over the phone, there are many pieces of advice and nuggets that are definitely worth considering even if you are making a ministry call.

For instance, smile when on the phone, actively listen, don't ignore the importance of body language during the call, and examples of using positive language.

See the rest below.

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