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The Compass & The Clock – Using Your Time Wisely

Compass Clock

guest post by Dr. Nathan Baxter

If you want to be successful and truly experience your full potential in life, you must master your use of time.

Don’t tune me out! This isn’t the same old time management lecture.The starting place for improving your life always begins with the compass, not the clock.

Your compass is your internal navigating system that tells which direction you are going. If your compass is off, or if you’re not paying attention to it, the results can be painful. Leadership is hard, but it’s much harder when you are not sure if you’re headed in the right direction!

So, let’s ask the question: Do you really know where you are going in life and why you want to go there?

A normal life will have seasons of extreme clarity as well as times when life feels a little fuzzy. Sometimes, we can wonder if the work we’re doing is really worth it.

Which season of life are YOU in right now?

2014 is winding down. Will you invest 30 minutes today, thinking about where you want to go next year, and how you are going to get there?  Take a sheet of paper and write down these four questions:

  • WHERE do I want the ministry to be on December 31st, 2014? (Be clear and realistic)
  • WHERE do I want the ministry to be on December 31st, 2015?
  • WHY do I want to get there? (Your personal motivations)
  • HOW will I get there? (Personal milestones and outside help)
I’m looking you in the eye, and asking…   Will you invest some time and start this list right now? (Before you move on to the next email or blog)

As a leader, if you don’t know the answer to these questions, how can others follow? If you don’t lead yourself well, how will you lead others well?

Time keeps on ticking whether you manage it or not.  The real secret is to learn how to do a better job of managing yourself so that you focus your mind and your energies on what matters most.
Reconnect with your compass. Only then can you start using the clock wisely to move toward your God-given potential.

Dr. Nathan Baxter, founder of Lead Self Lead Others, has been leading teams and helping people move their stories forward for over twenty years. Nathan earned his Masters of Divinity Degree with Biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry and Leadership Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. Before starting his Executive Coaching career, he served for 28 years in full time ministry, filling the roles of Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor, and Executive Pastor.


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