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The Power Of Tech To Communicate With Your Followers

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Technology is rapidly changing and its constant improvements are extremely beneficial for churches across the country. In the not-so-distant past, churches would have to rely on phone trees as their main source of communication with congregation members. Advances in technology have made keeping in contact with hundreds or even thousands of church members an extremely simple task.

Rather then having to rely on individual church members in a phone tree to deliver an important message to the entire congregation, automated church calls can make what most would consider a daunting task quick and easy. Sending out a message through a phone tree could take hours to reach a handful of people - an automated church calling system could accomplish this task in a matter of minutes.

What type of messages can be sent out using this type of automated technology? Churches and religious leaders can send out messages regarding weekly services, upcoming events, prayer requests, and/or donation notifications.

Church leaders can sign up for a church calling system such as and make their lives a lot easier. Once an account is set up, all congregation member contact information is entered into the web-based service. Upon adding every church, the pastor can then record a personalized message to send out. What would once take hours with a traditional phone tree can now be accomplished with the click of a button.

Pastors should not be frightened by new technology and should embrace a new automated method of communication. Keeping all of your religious followers up-to-date with current information is a key ingredient to maintaining a successful church.

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