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The Biggest Reason Why Donors Give May Surprise You

Donors Giving Fundraising

(This is an excerpt from Jeff Brooks’ latest book,”The Money-Raising Nonprofit Brand: Motivating Donors to Give, Give Happily, and Keep on Giving.” For information, click here.)

Stating abstract ideals is not fundraising. No matter how elevated those ideals are. Donors give to make specific things happen, not to identify with ideals. (Tweet This) Our job as fundraisers is not to ennoble a boring old shoe with a glowing ideal. Our job is almost the opposite of that: We connect a donor’s ideals with a gritty and specific reality, so she can change the world.

Branding doesn’t always kill fundraising. It can even do some good for organizations that follow these disciplines:
  • They have the calls to action that both donors understand — and that can’t be obliterated by a fog of abstraction.
  • They can make what they do clear and obvious visually and emotionally because they’ve learned what motivates donors to action.
  • They connect with donors. Real donors whose preferences they know from real-life behavior.
Our comments:

Simply using and relying on words like change, hope and transform aren't enough as you engage and connect with your donors. You must offer them clear and measurable objectives and impact. You must tell them how you and your ministry are changing actual lives. You must offer them stories and statistics as to how their investment within your ministry is making a real and tangible difference.

Here is an example for you of my ministry does it with our ministry brief - Click HERE to view

(ht: Fundraising Success)


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