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9 Marks Of True Repentance

Repent Sign
How do we respond after we sin? Are we being truly repentant? This chart below illustrates the difference between remorse and biblical repentance.  Remorse and repentance can have similar external expressions, but at their core they are fundamentally different.

Repentance is significantly different than remorse. Repentance is a change of direction: a confession of sin, followed by the desire to make restitution, rebuild relationships and, in general, make everything right. The evidences of repentance will be:
  • acknowledging his sin honestly (Ps 51:2-3; 1 Jn 1:9);
  • discontinuing the sinful behavior which initiated the discipline (James 5:19-20);
  • seeking biblical counsel, if needed, to gain victory over sinful patterns of behavior (Acts 26:20);
  • making financial restitution, if necessary (Luke 19:8);
  • initiating confession and asking forgiveness from all parties involved (Matt 5:23-24);
  • exhibiting a spirit of humility and brokenness, revealing a true work of God’s Spirit (Ps 51:17).


Great distinction and food for thought (and prayer!).

This is definitely worth thinking about in handling one's own sin. This is a great list that exemplifies a change of heart versus a superficial change of outward appearance.

I can relate to trying to act out everything in the repentance list, but very much struggling with attitude in the remorseful list. I believe it's possible for a person to exhibit qualities in both lists when trying to overcome sin. I like this list because it is a way for me to check myself in seeing if I am truly repentant in my heart.

thanks Scott...always needing to preach to myself and my own heart

It is always hard to know the very nature of one's own heart....the heart is deceitful...but I believe God wants us to, by the work of his Spirit, allow Him to search our heart and then we need to simply respond in obedience to what He shows us. Again, this is a dance...keeping in step with the Spirit and by His help, growing more and more into the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

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