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5 Reasons Why Volunteering Will Make You A Better Pastor

Raised Hands

from Michael Bayne

Volunteering is good for the soul! Here are five reasons pastors should take time to volunteer …
  • We’re all called to live sacrificial lives. I know you may get paid to serve in your church, but you are called to live sacrificially. Volunteering helps us go beyond our job descriptions and give away our influence and time for God.
  • We need to remember what it’s like to volunteer so we can lead volunteers better. If you want to know how volunteers feel when they serve and what they need from you, then take time to volunteer yourself and you will learn some powerful lessons.
  • We need to set the example for those we lead. As a ministry leader, you set the tone for the sacrificial heart of your church. Lead the way in serving!
  • We need to get to know people in our community. When you volunteer, you will always get to know people better in your church and in your community. Volunteer at your local school, serve on a board, coach a sport and get to know people in your city.
  • We need to remember it’s all about advancing God’s mission. When we volunteer to help a ministry out that might not be in our job description, we are building the Kingdom. We are pushing forward God’s plan and not our own."


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