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4 Unexpected Ways You Can Be A Fundraising Guru

Do you want to be a fundraising guru? Do you want your ministry to succeed with donors? I am sure that your answers will be YES. Therefore here's an overview from a helpful post from the Bloomerang blog: 4 Signs Your Nonprofit Is On The Right Track:
  • Focusing on donor retention 
  • Making the second gift a priority 
  • Having a top-notch communication strategy 
  • Harnessing technology in their fundraising efforts
Also below are some nuggets that will amplify some of those points. In terms of the importance of a donor's second gift, new donor retention rates average 22.9%. However, if you can get the second gift, that percentage jumps all the way up to 60.8%.

Also according to one of Adrian Sargeant’s studies, here are the most common reasons why donors stop giving.:

5% – thought charity did not need them
8% – no info on how monies were used
9% – no memory of supporting
13% – never got thanked for donating
16% – death
18% – poor service or communication
36% – others more deserving
54% – could no longer afford

Therefore it is important for your ministry and organization to have a top-notch communication strategy.

What have you found to be the best fundraising advice and best practice that you've discovered?


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