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3 Things That Must Sync Together Or Ministry Will #FAIL

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Out of balance. Missing the mark. A lost element. Those are phrases that can often describe our ministry and churches. Our church or ministry may be strong in one area of focus, but woefully lacking in another. Sometimes as a church we can emphasize and be strong in one area, at the expense of putting importance on other important facets.

For a church to be complete it must hold true to three important elements. Like three legs of a stool, there can be no strength or integrity if any one of these elements is missing.  Here are the three:

Orthodoxy - Right belief. The Bible is the Word of God. God breathed. Useful of teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness (2 Tim 3:16). Are we faithful to believe all that it teaches. Also are we faithful to guard our doctrine and hold the Scriptures up as our final authority in all matters of faith and practice?

Orthopraxy - Right practice. It isn't just important to believe the right things, but it must inform and shape how then we live. It must shape how we live among one another within the church and how we act toward the world around us. Is our life morally consistent as a person whose life has been freed from the power of sin? The people of God must be living in such a manner that is characteristically different than the world around us.

Orthopathos  - Right passion. Our hearts must be moved by the things that moved Jesus (i.e. God's glory, The lost). Our faith and our churches must be earmarked as a people who are cultivating a deep intimacy with Jesus. And our lives must be marked by a love, not only for God, but for others.

Do you and your church have all these ingredients and elements?


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