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10 Sure-Fire Ways To Have Your Church Always Like You

Church Liking Pastor
excerpted from Ron Edmondson:

Here are 10 ways to remain favorite pastor:
  1. Never turn down a social invitation - Sacrifice your family time. It’ll ruin your family dynamic but keep the church happy.
  2. Don’t talk about money – Jesus never did, right? Don’t be meddling.
  3. Never mention sex – Good Christians don’t. They just don’t. They don’t even think about it.
  4. Stick to the sins everyone else is doing – Don’t mention things like gossip or gluttony. Those are too personal.
  5. No challenges please – We don’t want our toes stepped on and definitely don’t want to leave with homework. Or at least give us some homework passes. Please.
  6. Preach “feel good” messages – That hard stuff to hear…who needs it?
  7. Wear the right clothes – Like Jesus did, right?
  8. Don’t buck tradition – Especially the ones that were started by pastor so and so. You know the ones.
  9. Play everyone’s favorite music – Every Sunday. (You miracle worker.)
  10. Don’t lead…just preach - Give us your “best” message every Sunday, but don’t take us anywhere new.
(ht: Ron Edmondson)


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