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What Your Church Can Do To Fight Modern-Day Slavery

sex trafficking book review
Perhaps you read the stats

There are an estimated 27 million people on the earth today trapped in some form of modern day slavery. There are an estimated 1.39 million victims of commercial sexual servitude worldwide. Tragically, only 1-2% of victims are rescued. Remember every number is not just a statistic it represents the life of a victim.

The problem is that too often we become overwhelmed by the enormity of the issue that we become paralyzed, thinking - what can I really do to help?

Justice Awakening is a roadmap for the church and God's people to get active in making things right. Justice Awakening is a handbook for Christian who want to bring an end to human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Pastor and activist Eddie Byun offers in this book practical, on-the-ground steps that any believer or church can take. For example:
  • Have the church fast from slavery-made food and products
  • Host movie nights and screen films that offer insight into the trafficking industry
  • Rally men's and women's ministries to educate and actively engage in the fight against trafficking by helping anti-trafficking and after-care programs
  • Work as a church to push for legislation to punish traffickers
"The book that I have long awaited is finally here! Thank you, Eddie Byun, for creating a road map
that weaves justice, prayer and biblical inspiration for those of us who aspire to follow the path of Jesus.Justice Awakening is written for individuals who want to do something significant to change the world. Read it as you ride along the bus toward freedom and justice." (David Batstone, cofounder and president, Not for Sale)

"In Justice Awakening, Pastor Eddie Byun provides an urgent introduction to one of the most brutal forms of violent injustice in our world today: human trafficking. But Pastor Eddie doesn't just share what's wrong with the world--he provides a road map to get active in making things right. His great passion for the church and for the most vulnerable people in our world fills each page." (Gary Haugen, president and CEO of International Justice Mission (IJM))

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