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Is Online Giving Safe?

Given the ubiquitous nature of smartphones and devices, mobile and online giving must be an essential ingredient for any church and ministry in our day and age. In fact a company that we at MBP work closely with is PushPay. They are a great example of an online giving platform that allows donors a virtually frictionless mobile and web experience for giving.

Yet the question that many people may still have is security? Is it safe? Will my data and privacy be protected? The infographic below doesn't necessarily paint an optimistic picture, given the recent rash of data breaches and that 75% of people have had or will have in their lifetime their data compromised.

The security of your data (particularly online donations) has often times less to do with the companies that you and I entrust it to, but rather with the practices and safeguards that you and I choose to do (i.e. using complex and never recycled passwords).



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