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The Importance Of An Abundance Mentality For Leaders

“The opposite of a scarcity mentality is an abundance mentality. With an abundancy mentality we say: “There is enough for everyone, more than enough: food, knowledge, love … everything.” With this mind-set we give away whatever we have, to whomever we meet. When we see hungry people we give them food. When we meet ignorant people we share our knowledge; when we encounter people in need of love, we offer them friendship and affection and hospitality and introduce them to our family and friends. 
When we live with this mind-set, we will see the miracle that what we give away multiplies: food, knowledge, love … everything. There will even be many leftovers.”
 – Henri Nouwen

I love this quote by Henri Nouwen. It communicates so well the Law Of Abundance and why it is important to live with an abundance mentality. When we release and give ourselves away - our resources multiply. Having that abundance mentality is also key for leaders. Too often in our churches and ministries we think that our resources are static, limited and scarce. Either we believe...

  • We don't have enough money to do that
  • People are just way too busy to get involved or serve
  • People are maxed out in their giving
  • We can't encourage programs or opportunities outside the church because if people serve or give outside our church, it will take away from our church's resources and programs
Those are all scarcity mindsets. That mindset believes we're all competing for the same money, people and resources. But that simply isn't true. A scarcity mindset puts limits on our thinking. We cap off the capacity of resources available to us. We believe that all we have is all there is and all that we can see and we think that no additional resources will be available to us.

Rather an abundance mindset believes the opposite. It says that when a person gives...whether it be of their time, talents, resources or money - it only increases their heart and capacity to give - and they will likely only give more in the future and therefore more resources will become available. An abundance mindset allows us to see beyond our current situation and reality to what God may do just around the corner. An abundance mindset is KINGDOM oriented. An abundance mindset says.....

  • Let's partner with like-minded organizations that share our mission and vision
  • Let's release our people to serve outside our own church or organization
  • Let's not be concerned with who get's the credit or recognition
  • Let's celebrate and pray for other churches and organizations
Do you and those in your leadership exercise an Abundance Mindset?


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