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The Future Hope For A Christian Culture

Is it possible for society to have redemption and renewal? Is the Christian faith still relevant in the very global world of today? Os Guinness declares in his latest book, Renaissance - The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times, a hopeful YES!

If you are familiar with Os Guinness and his writings, you know the thoughtful cultural analysis that he brings to the church through his writings. And in his latest book, Os Guinness asserts that we are in a time of renewal, of change and of continuous reformation. Os Guinness punctuates that point in chapter one stating that we can believe God for "a movement that is led by the Spirit of God, which involves the people of God returning to the ways of God and so demonstrating in our time the kingdom of God, and not in word only but in power with the plausibility of community expressions."

Throughout the book, Os Guinness answers such questions as:
  • What does it mean to have a Christian renaissance today?
  • What historical examples can we rely upon?
  • Why must we rethink megachurches, statistics, etc..?
  • What effect does modernity have on the church?
  • What is it problematic to be reactionary to issues in the church and society?
  • How can we possibly have hope amidst all that is plaguing the church?
The book comes out on August 11th and you can preorder the book HERE


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