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Don't Waste Your Life

In light of eternity, the years we live on this earth are relatively small. Therefore we should want our life to count.

As John Piper says in his book, Don't Waste Your Life - "God created us to live with a single passion to joyfully display his supreme excellence in all the spheres of life. The wasted life is the life without this passion. God calls us to pray and think and dream and plan and work not to be made much of, but to make much of him in every part of our lives."

This infographic below illustrates just how our time is spent and the ways we can reclaim time and the opportunities wasted.

by Andi.M.. Browse more data visualization.


Hi, as a woman who has been ministering in the church for years, I have enjoyed exploring your site. I discovered this page and to my happy surprise found this image of a painting by Stephen B. Whatley. He has been kind in the past to grant me permission to use some of his images. His website is and he is on Facebook at Stephen B. Whatley.

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