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App Of The Week - Canva

Rarely do I discover an app that is incredibly useful and at the same time, really wows and impresses me, but recently I've been using a new jaw-dropping online app for designing graphics. If you've ever needed a brochure or graphics for a website or even an infographic designed for your church or ministry you know just how hard it is to learn tools like Adobe Illustrator and you know how expensive it can be to hire a designer. Now there is an option -  Canva, Canva lets you do design high quality graphics effortlessly. Let me show you a couple of samples.

In addition to the header photo up top, here are some of the graphics that I've created using Canva:

Canva walks you through every step of way. If you want Canva will give you suggested templates that match Facebook, Twitter or Google+ headers. It provides high quality graphics for your text, sample layouts and a great selection of font choices. At a nominal cost, Canva provides high quality stock photos, or you can upload your own. Also with Canva, you can use their filters and photo editor to make your photos pop.

I truly think that Canva is a game-changer - especially for churches, bloggers, ministries and non-profits who need high quality graphics and design but often don't have the budget or expertise to always pull it off. The learning curve to use Canva is not steep at all, you'll be up and running making eye-popping graphics in no time at all.


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