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4 Unavoidable Things That Leadership Will Cost You

So often we think that being the leader is all about the perks and acclaim. But being a leader has a price and a cost. It will demand and ask from you many things. Here are just a couple of things that leadership will cost you:

Being misunderstood - many people are not going to understand the decisions you make. They may judge you harshly and assign motives to you that don't exist. As a leader you can't always (nor should you always) be able to explain the why's behind every decision you have to make. Many times the reasons and rationales behind a decision are complex and contain sensitive and confidential information

Not always being liked - as a leader you will displease others. If you have a people pleasing personality, then being a leader will constantly frustrate you. Many people are very easily offended, and often as a leader you will be the lightning rod of their angry, frustration and disappointment.

Sleepless nights - being leader carries with it weightiness. And as a leader you will struggle with worry, fear and anxiety. The weight of the scope of your responsibility or the magnitude of the decisions you need to make will press in on you. Certainly as a spiritual leader, you need to take that worry and fear to the feet of Jesus. But needless to say, as a leader you will find yourself doing that on a very regular basis.

Security - being a leader means that you aren't "flying under the radar". You are putting yourself out there and making decisions that may cost you your job. I have know leaders that felt compelled to make bold decisions, because they felt that it was best, and yet by doing so it cost them the security of their own job and leadership position. Being a leader makes you vulnerable and makes comfort and job security risky.


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