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The Loneliest Job

Pastors are some of the loneliest people. For those outside the ministry, that fact may come as a surprise. You may think pastors are always surrounded by people. You may think that people are always seeking the pastor out and that they must have many deep spiritual and personal relationships. But for those of us in ministry, we know, just how true this statement is - many pastors are lonely.

They feel isolated.

And because of their loneliness and isolation, they often have no one in their life who is truly in their life, who knows them...the real them.

  • No one who knows their junk. 
  • No one who knows their fears. 
  • No one who knows their failures. 
  • No one who knows their hopes and dreams.

Being in this place of isolation is a dangerous place to be. It makes pastors vulnerable. (see infographic below)

  • Vulnerable to compromise.
  • Vulnerable to rationalize failure.
  • Vulnerable to justify dangerous behavior.
  • Vulnerable to minimize sin.
  • Vulnerable to shift blame to others.

Pastor who have you allowed in your life that can speak words of life and grace into your life and walk with you through the hard times of ministry and the temptations of life?


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