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How To Get High Quality Scans On The Go

One of my go-to productivity apps is ScanBot (available on both  iOS/Android).

I have used several other scanning apps in the past, but what I like about ScanBot the best is it's simplicity and ease of use. ScanBot simply takes high-quality snapshots using your phone's camera. Then the app saves them (as a PDF or jpeg) to your preferred online web service-  Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and more. Evernote is my preferred app, and therefore I have ScanBot set up to automatically upload to Evernote once the document is scanned.

The other great feature of the app is that ScanBot automatically finds and frames the item you are scanning and then it takes the scan without you having to tap the screen. Having ScanBot frame the item to be scanned is such a great feature because it allows all the extraneous table or desk top to be cropped out of the scan. ScanBot gives you a clean and clear scan.

For any ministry leader who is on the go, like myself, an app like ScanBot comes in handy and is a great resource. Watch the video below to see this app in action.


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