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How To Avoid Delegation Dumping

Too often we take the shortcut to delegation...we give over and assign a particular role or responsibility on someone in our organization, we then wipe our hands, we move on and don't look back.

But that isn't delegation...that's just pure dumping.

Delegation dumping doesn't work. If we are truly going to make delegation effective we have to spend time and invest on the front end and work through these 4 stages. It will take time. It is an investment. But the payoff for us and that person we delegate to will be much greater. Here are the 4 stages:

Model - At this stage need to have that person with us. We need to demonstrate and show that person how the job or responsibility actually looks.

Assist - Now that person needs to start doing it. We're not done yet. We still need to be along side that person and remain a resource, assist and help them. We must coach, train and equip them to succeed.

Watch - Then after a while, we must eventually get out of the way. We still need to be present, but we must simply observe and watch - allowing ourselves to give that person the helpful and important feedback they require.

Leave - Then eventually we just need to leave, move on and trust the person to do the job we've entrusted to them. There is no room for micromanaging.

Which of these 4 stages of the delegation process do you have the most trouble with?


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