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4 Phrases That Will Kill Great Ideas Forever

Too often great ideas never survive the "brainstorm period". We work hard to come up new and fresh ideas for our church, ministry and organization, yet before they even have a chance to to take shape and develop, they are dismissed and destroyed. It doesn't take much to kill a great idea. Too often it only takes a quickly and cleverly uttered remark. These are 4 lethal phrases and remarks that will kill any great idea before it has been given time to take root. AVOID THESE AT ALL COST!

"We can't afford it" - stuck with a scarcity mindset believing that we are limited and defined by the resources we have today.

"We've never done that before" - stuck with a precedent mindset believing that our past experience dictates and defines our future direction.

"It's already been tried and didn't work" - stuck with a failure mindset believing that past failures dictate future performance and success.

"That idea is not practical" - stuck with a utilitarian mindset believing that all ideas have to have immediate and understood implications and application.

If you want great ideas to become reality, it is important to set these killer phrases aside and not judge too quickly an idea before it has had a chance to grow, develop and prove itself.


Great list Bill. We need to be sure and keep our mind open to possibilities. Today could be the right day to start something that failed before. is easy to think narrowly when confronting new ideas...and agreed just b/c it failed before doesn't mean it will again...especially if one learns from potential mistakes made the first time.

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