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The 3 Biggest Excuses You Are Tempted To Make

As a leader you are going to face many challenges and be asked to lead your organization in new directions. Yet it will be easy for you to ignore those challenges right from the start by perceiving unmovable obstacles and by making excuses. These excuses may appear valid and justified, but in truth they are often used to conceal our lack of faith. Here are the 3 biggest excuses that you may be tempted to make:

I don't have time - true you may feel that you are stretched beyond your limits. We are all crazy busy. Yet nevertheless we all seem to make time for those things we find important or essential. If you believe the challenge before you is important, you will find time. Plus remember it's not just about you doing it, most likely God wants you to bring around you a team of people to help and assist you.

I don't have money - it is easy to simply operate with scarcity mindset, believing that the resources you have are static and no other will ever be made available. You can't allow your vision to be lead and dictated by your resources. Rather your resources will be led by your vision. Resources will be freed up or given when people are compelled by the vision, goals, direction and ambitions that you are pursuing.

I don't know how - yes perhaps you don't have all the skills and experience in place to accomplish what's being asked. But leadership always demands us to step outside of our comfort zone and do things that we have never done before. There is just no avoiding it. If you are unfamiliar with the task before you...learn, read and ask a lot of questions. No one expects you to have 100% competency in 100% of everything.


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