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5 Leadership Roadblocks That Will Stop You In Your Tracks

Want to stop growing and developing in your leadership, impact and influence of others? Then be certain to do these five things:

Don't delegate - do it all yourself. Don't rely on others. Don't equip and develop others on your team and in your church by giving them meaningful responsibilities and ownership. You just do it all.

Be reactive - put out fires. Only respond to problems. Don't create any boundaries. Allow people to pile their problems on your plate. Don't worry about planning and being intentional, just allow the tyranny of the urgent to dictate your time and attention.

Don't listen to God - don't keep a devotional life. Get input from your elders, deacons, leadership team and staff, but don't spend time cultivating a intimate and abiding relationship with the very one person that really matters - Jesus.

Please people - try to please everyone. Try to make them happy. What you will soon discover is that this is impossible and in the end some people will always be mad or disappointed with you and you will have exhausted yourself trying to please them.

Avoid a balanced life - you don't have time for a life outside of ministry. Too many people and programs demand your  time and attention. Hobbies and outside interests are frivolous. And don't worry about your family, they will understand why you spend all your time at the church.


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