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4 Ways To Improve Your Leadership

As leaders we always want to improve and develop. Yet many of those improvements don't necessarily come from the latest book or ministry conference...they come from other people. People and relationships in our life are "important" but not always "urgent" and therefore they to often get neglected. Here are 4 ways to improve your leadership through the help of others: 

Create a Feedback Culture - are you giving people around you within your organization permission to give you feedback? If not, you are losing out on the value of different perspectives and experience. Your staff, leaders or elders in your ministry need mechanisms and ways to be able to get that feedback before you, without you always needing to ask for it.

Be a Part of a Learning Community  - are you "sharpening your saw" and learning from others? Certainly you can learn by reading or going to conferences, but I am suggesting that you find a community of people that encourage you, challenge you and give you the freedom to test your thinking and ideas. This could be a group of other ministry leaders or better yet - get outside your own tribe and get around other thought and business leaders within your community. This can be in-person or even done virtually. The benefit of technologies, such as Google Hangouts, is that it makes it possible to now connect with other leaders from around the world.

Create a Balanced Life - Balance. You need it. Life requires it. You are no good as a leader if you don't cultivate hobbies, fitness, activities, interests and time with your family in order to "fill the tank". As a leader you are constantly giving yourself away to others. How then are you giving to yourself? Creating balance will not only improve you as a leader, but it will keep you going in ministry over the long haul.

Find People Who Truly Know You and Who are Safe - Who do you have in your life that truly knows you (beside your family)? The biggest trap of many leaders is isolation and loneliness. Isolation and loneliness often leads ministry leaders down a path of moral failures. Although it is difficult for many leaders to find people with whom they trust to share their junk and to be real and honest with - it is vitally important. If you can't find that person or people near you, then there must be someone with whom you can call. The key is to find that person no matter what. Make the effort. Invest in the relationship.


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