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3 Key Imperatives For Today's Ministry Leader

Ministry leaders certainly have a lot of expectations on their plate these days. While not trying to pile on that plate of things more "to-dos", I think there are several key things that aren't necessarily "urgent" but are "important" that a pastor shouldn't avoid. Here are those key imperatives:

Be on Social Media - if you are not on social media you are missing an important and strategic opportunity. I don't often life to use hyperbole, but I believe every ministry leader and pastor needs to be on social media. As a leader you are a person of influence, and social medial provides a context to influence people in your ministry scope and congregation as well as other leaders - within or outside - your particular tribe. If you are not already on social media, I would encourage you to start with a simple Facebook or Twitter account. Don't give up quickly. Try to be faithful and consistent. And engage others with conversation though it - because, don't forget, it is in fact "social" media.  (to see an example of how to engage and use social media, you can follow me on Twitter -

Be a Reader -  leaders are readers. You can't afford not to constantly be reading. Reading cultivates creativity, energy, it develops and reading "sharpens the saw". Of course read good Christian devotional and theological books, but also read books and magazines that aren't simply ministry or Christian related. Right now, in addition to several great theology books,  I regularly read Fast Company magazine and am reading the book, Talk Like Ted.

Be Able to Delegate - leaders have lids. You only have a certain capacity as a leader. You can't do it all. But in addition to simply helping yourself, you are called as a leader to also develop others - and delegation does just that. That is why it is critical that you delegate to others. You must bring around you people with gifts, abilities, perspectives that are different and perhaps even more experienced than you may be. Great leaders aren't threatened by surrounding themselves with people better than them. 


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