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Why Unplugging May Be Good For You

I have had several conversations recently with friends that have talked about their journey with unplugging. Unplugging from tech. Unplugging from social media. Unplugging from T.V.  Some people have done a complete fast for a season, while others have simply throttled down their online activities. And I can't think of a person who said that they regretted doing it. Personally, I have during different seasons taken a break from social media and online activities, and I know that it can be very hard - especially that withdrawal time. But at the same time it can be very rewarding.

Here are some thoughts from Edudemic on why it is good to unplug!

Why unplugging is good for you!
  • 3 out of 5 people spend more time with their technology than they do with their spouse
  • 81% of people are willing to interrupt a conversation or a meal to check their device
  • The 25% of people who scored best on a multitasking test were those who actually focused on one task at a time
  • Unplugging allows you to de-stress
  • 86% of men and 67% of women work more than 40 hours per week
  • A Harvard study reports that between 12 and 20 million people in the US have ‘at least a mild internet addiction’
  • Those who are dependent lose interest in other activities, experience withdrawal symptoms, and need more and more time to get their ‘high’
  • This often disrupts real life relationships, and forces the individual to use the internet to improve their mood
  • 46% of Britons say they spend more time using their device in bed, while 15% say it affects the amount of sex they have
  • Some ailments from overuse of the internet include eyestrain, back pain, headaches, and itchy, watery eyes
Ways to Unplug
  • Set aside a special time for social media
  • Avoid checking your phone within an hour of waking and an hour of going to bed
  • Move apps away from your home screen
  • Disable notifications
  • Find alternative activities to take up a few minutes, like stretching, prioritizing your to-do list, brushing and flossing your teeth, doing some pushups, or taking a walk
Here is a helpful infographic outlining the benefits of unplugging:

(ht: Edudemic)


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