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11 Ways To Empower Your Volunteers

from Michael Bayne:

Here are a few lessons I have learned over the years …

  • Let Them Lead—Don’t ask a high impact volunteer to join your team if you’re not ready to let them lead. Make room for your team to actually lead with you!
  • Take Time to Listen—If you have a high impact team around you, create time to really listen to what they are experiencing.
  • Be Patient—Volunteers have limited time, so remember to breathe and be a little more patient.
  • Share Clear Expectations—Make sure your team knows exactly what you need from them and what they are responsible for.
  • Continually Cast Vision—Our teams need us to continually point them back to the mission and vision … not just to their ministry to-do list!
  • Say Thanks—Everyone needs to hear it. Find many different ways to say it.
  • Communicate Consistently—Keep them in the loop with what you are thinking. Keep your team up to speed.
  • Work Together—Take time to work on projects with the different people on your team! Time working together is great time to train.
  • Be a Problem Solver—Work to remove obstacles that are in your team’s way!
  • Celebrate Wins—Slow down and take time to celebrate with your team.
  • Find Creative Rewards—You may not be able to pay all your team, but find small ways to reward them.


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