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Who Are The Poor?

There can certainly be no doubt that Jesus has concern for the poor and marginalized. Therefore, making it abundantly clear to us, as followers of Christ, that we ought to, also. However DeYoung & Gilbert make a clarification:
[W]e must remember that the “poor” in Scripture are usually the pious poor. They are the righteous poor, the people of God oppressed by their enemies yet still depending on him to come through on their behalf (see, e.g., Psalms 10; 69; 72; 82). This does not mean “the poor” should be evacuated of any economic component. After all, the pious poor are very often the materially poor. But it does mean that the poor whom God favors are not the slothful poor (Prov. 6:6–11; 2 Thess. 3:6–12) or the disobedient poor (Prov. 30:9), but the humble poor who wait on God (Matt. 5:3; 6:33).
—Kevin DeYoung & Greg Gilbert, What Is the Mission of the Church? (Crossway, 2011), 175.

Your thoughts? Are these distinctions helpful?


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