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Ways Your Mother Lied To You About Creativity

Your mother may have told you....

1. Don't make a mess! - Yet too often being creative as a child demanded creating mess...getting paint on the clothes, glue on the table. Creativity isn't necessarily about order, it is about disorder. It's about creating new and different associations and divergent connections. Creativity can be a messy endeavor.

2. Don't ask me why, just do it - Now as a parent I understand how a child's continual questioning can be wearisome, but when we are told to stop asking why we are being trained to stop being curious. Creativity demands our curiosity.  By asking the "Why?" question it gives you an opportunity to reframe your problem and open up opportunities toward a more innovative and creative solution.

3. Stop goofing off while working! - Perhaps you were is is play. The two don't mix. But being creative in life demands and invites playfulness. Allowing play at work will create relaxation, stimulate the brain and open you up to be creative.

4. Color in the lines - Perhaps our mother told you that coloring demands that you stay within the lines. Yet creativity demands that you to think outside of conventional boundaries and constraints. If you are to be creative, you must be bold enough to ask the "What if" questions. Here are some examples:

  • What if I wasn't scared, what would I do or how would I respond differently in this situation?
  • What if I was dying, would the problem or obstacle that I am currently facing be something I would truly worry about?
  • What if my organization/ministry came into a 1 Million dollar gift. How would I use those resources to advance our mission?
“All children are artists. The problem is to remain an artist as he grows up.” ~ Pablo Picasso


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