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How Procrastination Is Like A School Bully

Procrastination seeks to attempts to makes even the simplest tasks intimidating and overwhelming. Procrastination is like a school bully.

But like a school bully you can fight against it. You can battle when the wave of procrastination seizes you and reduces your productivity.

Here are a few tricks to battle procrastination.

  • Reduce the project's intimidation by breaking down big projects into small bite sized tasks/chunks.
  • Encourage motivation to tackle a project by planning a reward after the completion of the project.
  • Don't check email in the morning - rather spend the first hour or two in the morning working on an important task.
  • Don't wait to work on a task believing that it needs to be perfect. Perfectionism can be a big contributing factor to your procrastination. It is better to have completed a half-baked first draft rather than not having worked on the project at all.
  • Learn to say NO - to projects, appointments or activities that will take time and focus away from accomplishing what needs to be done.
  • Reduce distractions. Don't give yourself excuses to take away your focus. But the pause button on social media/email/phone calls when working on an important project.
What tips or tricks would you contribute to this list?


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