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5 Truths About Leading That Will Keep You Up At Night

1. Leading doesn't mean you'll always have certainty - as a leader, you are going to have to lead into places that are out of your comfort zone, places that you will be uncertain of the outcome. If you can't or won't do this then you are merely a manager, not a leader.

2. Leading means that you won't have all the answers - although you will feel as if you're expected to have a quick answer to anyone's organizational/ministry questions - the fact is you won't alway know the answer. Leadership requires humility, the ability to admit that you may not know and have a good answer, but at the same time a willingness to find and discover one.

3. Leading won't make you popular - if you have a people pleaser personality, you will chafe at the what leadership will cost you, which is - not everyone is going to like you. Decisions may make you unpopular at times with your staff, your constituents or even those outside your ministry. In pleasing one group of people, you may be making you unpopular with another

4. Leading will result in failures - not everything you do will succeed. Leadership will never mean that you will have a string of uninterrupted successes - rather there will be failures along the way. Yet the key is what takeaways and lessons can be learned from your failures. Great leaders are those who can learn from failures and move forward.

5. Leading means you will be misunderstood - people will often times misunderstand your motives or the wisdom of the decisions you may need to make. The reason why you'll be misunderstood is because most people won't have all the information you have. Information that was required to make the decision you had to make. Many facts, information, circumstances and variables will always remain hidden from the masses. There is very little you can do to change that - because you'll never be able to explain to people's satisfaction why you did what you decided to do.


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