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Youth Dependance On Mobile

If your ministry isn't  being series about your mobile online presence (making sure information/web are accessible and formatted for their mobile devices) will miss out in engaging many people, especially the young generation.

from YPulse:

When we asked Millennials to name the one device they can’t live without, more said they can’t live without their smartphones than those who named laptop, tablet, and television combined. This generation is passionate about their mobile devices, and they carry them nearly everywhere they are. 45% of Millennials say that they spend two-ten hours a day on their smartphones, and 44% say they look at their phone over six times in a given hour. 

With so much of the time and attention of this very desired generation of consumers devoted to their smartphones, it is no wonder that the war around smartphone tech and who can capture the young, often fickle, tech-savvy audience is continuing to rage on. 

Only 15% of Millennials ages 14-29 tell us they don’t currently own a smartphone.


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