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10 Ministry Practices That Are NOT "BEST"

Sometimes thinking about the best way to do something is to talk about it in the negative. Just off the top of my head  - concerning ministry practices, here are some attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that are NOT BEST: (not in order of importance)

1. Believing that your ministry gifts are enough and can get you through your work.
2. (Corollary to number one) Believing that you don't have time to pray.
3. Thinking as if you need to have all the answers and expertise.
4. Don't generously thank those that serve with you (paid or volunteer).
5. Not being willing to let some things fall by the waist side.

6. Not guarding and setting boundaries around family time, devotional time, exercise time, recreation time etc..
7. Putting up walls around your heart and life, not allowing trusted individuals to be in your life.
8. Don't listen to others, as well as don't try to find the kernel of truth in every criticism, no matter how hard it hurts.
9. Doing everything yourself, and don't delegate.
10. Don't be a lifetime learner - read, study, be curious.

I know that I missed a lot...what would you add? Please comment below!


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