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Avoid The Biggest Temptation In Ministry

The biggest temptation in ministry is treating ministry merely as a numbers game.  Growth for growth sake, all the while forsaking discipleship, spiritual maturity and depth.

Dan Cathy from Chick-fil-a understood the importance of slow, steady growth when it came to building his business.

Dan Cathy -
To succeed we knew we had to start small and grow slowly. This is where so many start-up companies today make their mistake. Dreamers dream big, and they want to reach their goals quickly. There’s nothing wrong with big dreams. But my experience tells me that we’re more likely to reach our dreams if we climb with care and caution, putting one foot in front of the other. To some, this may be the biggest sacrifice of all — giving up the dream of instant “success.” (17–18)
Don't be tempted to chase and invest in the wrong things.

(ht: Vitamin Z)


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