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What To Communicate To Prospective Church Members

Church membership is an important component to the life of the church,

Before people take those membership vows and make those commitments, you should take the time over the course of several weeks (6-8) outlining several components of their membership.

Although mileage may vary in regards to the exact details, structure and format a church will conduct those sessions, here are a couple of parameters

1.  Give them information - you want people to enter into your church with their eyes wide open and a chance to address their questions or concerns.  Here is some information that you should cover.
  • Basic theology/doctrine/creeds/confessions relevant to the church
  • Short history of the church
  • The church's vision/mission/values
  • Structures of the church - offices/leadership/staff & overview of ministries within the church
2.  Give them expectations - becoming a member of a church isn't just about consuming goods & services that the church has to offer - it is about contributing, participating and using their unique gifts for the body.  Here are some issues that you may want to cover:

Give each new member a clear opportunity and on-ramp to SERVE and CONNECT.  It should be spelled out clearly that serving and connecting aren't optional, rather they are essential to the membership commitments that they are about to undertake.

Help them to serve, assess their gifts. Conduct a Spiritual gifts survey/inventory. Have them afterwards meet with a church representative/counselor to help them connect their gifts with tangible opportunities within the church.

Help them to connect, make sure they find a place to connect relationally with others in the church. Since people are getting to know one another during the membership instruction, perhaps you may make the membership class and sessions a small group that continues on beyond it's initial purpose.


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